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February 19, 201807:18 AM
La Jolla Couple Accused of Being Slumlords
February 12, 201807:58 AM
Deputy Under Criminal Investigation as Three Women Accuse Him of Groping
February 6, 201803:44 PM
Gov. Brown Pardons, Commutes Sentences for 150 Criminals
February 3, 201810:14 AM
New California Law Allows Jail Time for Using Wrong Gender Pronoun
January 22, 201804:44 PM
California Offers Second Chance to People Convicted of Marijuana Crimes
January 15, 201802:32 PM
Dancing Pedestrian Fatally Struck on I-5 in Chula Vista
January 10, 201807:16 AM
Could the State of South Dakota be Changing its Tactics to Prosecute Standing Rock Protestors?
January 2, 201811:00 AM
Lyft, Uber Drivers Will Not Need Fingerprint Checks, California Rules
December 29, 201707:32 PM
Violent Crime List, DNA Collection to Increase Under California Initiative
December 21, 201704:21 PM
What is Next in the Criminal Probe of Harvey Weinstein
December 12, 201707:47 AM
California Courts May Consider Legalizing Prostitution
December 5, 201705:02 PM
When can Border Patrol Pull You Over?
November 27, 201702:05 PM
Judge Delays Bunkerville Trial after Las Vegas Shooting
November 20, 201701:07 PM
When can You View Police Body Camera Footage?
November 14, 201703:44 PM
Cliven Bundy Loses Bid to Represent Self in Standoff Trial
November 11, 201710:47 AM
Illegal-Lodging Trial Highlights San Diego’s Homelessness Problem
November 2, 201711:37 AM
San Diego’s Sharp Spike in Police Dog Usage Raises Questions About Policies
October 26, 201711:41 AM
California High Court Says Menacing Hand Gestures do Not Qualify as Criminal Threats
October 19, 201711:05 AM
Jury Refuses to Convict in Bundy Ranch Standoff
October 11, 201708:48 PM
Couple Detained by US Border Patrol After Traffic Stop in Mission Valley
October 6, 201708:41 AM
California Supreme Court Holds that Judges can Refuse to Cut Three-Strike Sentences
September 30, 201707:43 AM
San Diego DA’s Prosecution of Pot Attorney Sends Chills Through the Legal Community
September 20, 201704:50 PM
Video of San Diego Police Dog Biting Man in Handcuffs Creates Stir
September 11, 201703:19 PM
California Corrections Officials Want to Know What You Think About the State’s New Parole Guidelines
September 8, 201710:53 AM
Cal State San Marcos Student Sues Over Rape Investigation
August 31, 201707:59 AM
FBI Agent Indicted on Five Counts for Alleged False Statements in Lavoy Finicum Shooting
August 25, 201708:44 PM
Rape Trials: What Happens When There is No Victim Testimony?
August 16, 201712:18 PM
Carlsbad Pastor Arrested on Child Molestation Charges
August 10, 201707:52 AM
Bill Cosby Trial: Mistrial Declared After Jury Deadlocks
August 3, 201706:18 PM
No Shackles for Pretrial Detainees in Court

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San Diego criminal lawyer experienced in handling all misdemeanor and felony cases. Our attorneys provide superb criminal defense representation throughout San Diego County. David M. Boertje, Esq., has dedicated his professional life to defending those accused of crimes and has personally handled hundreds of criminal cases. Mr. Boertje is experienced in handling all misdemeanor and felony cases including DUI defense, domestic violence, theft crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, probation violations, violent crimes, strike cases, and murder.
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5857 Owens Ave, #300
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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